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The questions you have to answer at sign-up? The sheer complication of going from window-shopper to functional new user? The number of tabs you must click to place a deposit?

bets10 Sportsbook Review

Tired of the frills and thrills of other sportsbooks?


Our Hot Take

However, this sportsbook remains unavailable for bettors in the USA or Canada. Signing up is fast, making deposits takes only slightly longer. The simplicity of the experience is our favorite aspect of Bets10.


18+ | Gamble Responsibly. Min deposit, odds, payments & max bet limits apply. *Bonus amounts and percentages are subject to change. Time limits and General Terms and Conditions apply.

Easy sign-up process

Very few promotional programs and bonuses

bets10 Key Facts

Bets10 is run by Realm Entertainment Ltd., a company based out of Maltese, which is an island located south of Italy. Official address: Realm Entertai… View all


Not public information


Bets10 can be accessed from anywhere, but officially, you’re only allowed to register if you’re not a resident of Italy, Spain, France, United Kin… View all

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Yes, Bets10’s VIP program is called the VIP Lounge.

Super Quick and Easy

Bets10’s user creation process is a lot simpler than that from many other sportsbooks. You simply input the usual details-name, address, phone, number, etc.-and you’re done in seconds. That’s it. Seriously.

Limited to Unavailable

While Bets10’s Turkish site does offer a bonus, it is harder to find when visiting the page from a different country, even if you’re using a VPN.

Your account will show you a list of available bonuses after you sign up, but a lot of the time, there are none available. We recommend reaching out to customer service before making your first deposit.

A Pleasant Process

The deposit process is extensive without being overwhelming. You’re not only guided through the necessary steps to make a deposit, but best of all, you can have a look at your transaction history.

Bitcoin: Yes!

Bitcoin is accepted at Bets10, though you are subjected to a minimum deposit of about $35 and maximum deposit of around $7000.

Credit Cards: Rock-Solid Options

Not all major credit cards are accepted at Bets10, but they do take both Mastercard and Visa-two of the three most popular credit card companies in the world.

Withdrawals are quick procedures at Bets10. Once you log in, you can go to “account info.” From there, you’ll select “withdrawal.” It will then give you a list of all the most common withdrawal options.

You’ll have to reach out to customer support for any alternative methods that aren’t listed, a clickable option that is offered on the withdrawal page. But you also have the option of using a third party service like EcoPayz. Bank transfers are most popular-and the quickest.

Extremely User Friendly

Bets10 has all sportsbook lines separated by sport and competition. Once you find the game or future you’re wagering on, their bet slip will display all your different options while calculating your potential payout.

Politics betting is strong at Bets10. Most of their options lie with United States elections, but they do offer some lines for United Kingdom politics.

In addition to all the usual politics wagers you can make, they also have some created props, such as lines on the presidential winner in every state.

Like every other sportsbook, Bets10 offers a ton of options in the eSports industry. Even by those standards, though, their selection is robust.

Sure, they have all the popular games-Counterstrike, Dota, FIFA, etc. But they also break down betting into smaller subsections, offering lines on not only different tournaments, but the brackets within those tournaments.

Be warned, though: All start times are in Turkey. You’ll have to figure them out for yourself if you’re betting from another country.

Virtual Sports Betting

You’ll Have a Blast

Virtual sports betting consists of placing wagers on electronic games that are simulated in real-time. Bets10 limits their options to the basics: horse racing, hound racing, basketball, soccer and tennis.

Bets10 is no different. Basketball is a staple of any good online sportsbook. You have access to both NBA and WNBA action, as well as many of the international leagues. That said, you’ll only find futures on NBA and WNBA teams.

Golf odds are liable to lack a certain depth. Bets10 falls victim to that rule.

Anything along the lines of an over/under on the number of birdies a particular participant will have would suffice. Indeed, you can bet on all the major events. Their focus, however, is on who will win every tournament. They, like many other sportsbooks, could stand to bake some props into the equation.

Just the Basics

They also do a nice job of putting their single game lines out in advance. They have all the usual futures, like Super Bowl winners, conference winners and win totals. Relative to the most popular NFL markets, Bets10 has a sound selection.

But there should be a better selection during the regular season, no matter how minor. They don’t have many week-by-week props available. The props section is where Bets10 could stand to improve most. Offering more options during the playoffs and Super Bowl is fine-expected, even.

But they are also among the sportsbooks that allow you to bet on individual awards, such as who will win the upcoming Cy Young honor. Bets10 has better-than-average MLB selections. You’re dealing with the usual futures-mainly win totals and World Series winners-and single-game lines.

More Betting Options

So Many Alternatives

More than just the betting basics are available to you at Bets10. They have everything from soccer and tennis, to hockey and badminton, to boxing, chess and cricket, to cycling and Formula1, MMA and so much more.

Great Casino Selection

What Bets10 lacks in (spoilers!) casino bonuses, they make up for with a vast selection. They offer all of the following:

– Blackjack
– Roulette
– Craps
– Baccarat
– Video Slots
– And much more!


Casino Bonuses do not appear readily available to people outside of Turkey, even when using a VPN. We suggest enrolling in their VIP Lounge program, which should unlock other benefits.

Downloadable Poker Room

Bets10’s poker room is downloadable software that focuses on Texas Hold ‘Em. Although they don’t offer many other options, they do run daily tournaments, including ones where you can sit and cash out and winner-take-all competitions.

Poker Bonus

There do not appear to be any poker bonuses to residents outside Turkey at this time. Since none are listed on the site, we recommend reaching out to their customer service for any potential deposit bonuses.

The live betting section is clearly labeled and lays out all your potential options.

The process is beyond pleasant. Once you select what you want to bet, you’ll then be shown a list of all the available lines, which are updated in real time. When you first go to the live betting tab, you’ll see a list of all the available events that are ongoing.

Building a parlay bet takes very little work on your part. Just select all the wagers you wish to make and then hit the “combined” options at the top of your bet slip.

Bets10 will both let you know whether your wagers are eligible for parlays and inform you of your payout based on how much you plan on gambling.

Additional Betting Help

Alternative Help is Hard to Find

Bets10’s other resources include:

– Information on responsible gaming
– Instructions and rules for every game offered

While Bets10 does have an extensive list of resources that tell you about responsible gaming and outline all the different game rules, it doesn’t have a blog to keep you updated with the most important current events or to give you advice. It is strictly a place for gamblers to come and place their bets.

People in certain territories will have to manually inquire about promotional programs and bonuses. And unfortunately, accessing the site with a VPN doesn’t help you obtain this information. Bets10’s only public offering is the VIP Lounge.

Bets10 does advertise an email service and call center as part of its customer service support. However, you need to navigate through a frequently asked questions page before having the option of using them. And even then, you have to go out of your way on the web page to find either option.

This site would greatly benefit from a more user-friendly support service-a link on the mainpage that takes visitors directly to the email and phone service part of their customer support.

The folks at Bets10 aren’t here to spam you. Aside from an email asking to confirm your account, you’ll seldom hear from them.

Pleasant UX Design

Bets10 does have an app you can download on your mobile device, the lock and feel of which is really clean. You will have the ability to customize your notifications, allowing you to stay on top of the latest scorers and the outcome of bets you’ve already placed.

Bets10 falls into the majority. Few sportsbooks nowadays offer live streaming. They don’t even have real-time play trackers for your live betting. Granted, while that’s a limitation, it’s not a major knock against them.

Accessing Bets10 from an unsupported territory using a VPN worked for us. It didn’t help clarify Bets10’s lack of promotional programs, but it did give us the bandwidth to sign up, make deposits and place wagers.

Solid Outside of USA and Canada

This sportsbook is not available in the United States and Canada.

While their absence of bonuses and promotions isn’t great, the simplicity of their design and processes are. They don’t waste your time with a ton of navigational caveats, game lines and futures are easy to find and sorted by category, and their extensive offering spills over to the live betting scene. For other straight-shooting bettors, Bets10 is a pretty good place to be.

Bets10 also sports one of the quickest sign-up and deposit processes we’ve seen. You can start your account from scratch and place your first bet in no time. That’s a virtue in this business, so Bets10 ultimately gets a fairly strong endorsement from us.


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